Become a Partner With Fruitful Communities

There are many who are doing great work in their neck of the woods. We are grateful to be able to help other agencies and ministries in their pursuit of serving our communities.

If you are an organization that is reaching your community through food distributions, whether serving families in need or those on the street, we may be able to assist you.

We are able, at times, to provide our Partner Organizations with Bulk food items through our Group Distribution Program. These items can help to supplement your existing supplies to their clients. Group Distribution is subject to available supplies and will be provided on a First-come First-served basis.

To register for our Group Distribution Program, read the following Guidelines and then click the link to download the application form. The following Guidelines will ensure that we are able to effectively accommodate you. Please read them carefully, and if you are in agreement, complete the form, sign, and date it.

  1. All Organizations/Agencies must register with Fruitful Communities prior to receiving food donations.
  2. Organizations must provide a phone number that can receive Telegram notifications (i.e. a cell phone number).
  3. Once a notification is sent out, all Organizations MUST reply by indicating that they will be coming for Pick-Up and state your availability within the distributions hours.
  4. Donations are on a First Come First Served basis, so Organizations will be slotted in order of replies received.
  5. Your Organization’s donation will be started, based on the number of families that you serve as indicated on the form.
  6. Please be on time for your timeslot as other Organizations will also be served.
  7. Upon arrival, please let our representative know and wait for your name to be called.
  8. You will be directed by a Fruitful Communities Representative to your Organization’s pre-assigned donation as well as what other supplies and quantities to pick.


  1. Do Not sell donations from us but freely distribute to the needy.
  2. Do Not waste donations by simply accepting and throwing them away.
  3. Reply to each alert promptly, indicating pick up or not.
  4. Advise your representatives to pick up your donations of all requirements.
  5. Upon arrival, register and wait to be served. Do not pick items on your own.
  6. Should the numbers you serve change, do inform us.
  7. Mention Fruitful Communities your community partner in helping the needy.

We accept freewill cash donations to help with our operating cost which is increasing by the day.